Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Planting

One holiday in January or February we headed out to a nearby preserve.  I'm not really sure what our goal was, other than the weather was nice & it was close & we hadn't been to that preserve yet.  So we loaded up the razor scooters & headed out for a 'nature adventure.'

As exciting as that description was, about sums up the excitement of our 'nature adventure.'  It was lame.

Like going to a park without toys.
why?  not sure.

But there were some serious photographer peeps trying to capture the birds & desert wildlife that my children would continue to scare away.  I'm pretty sure they were thrilled we decided on a 'nature adventure' that day.

But if there is one good thing that came from that little adventure that was not, it was this tree.

It may as well be the tree of my childhood dreams. Where the Swiss Family built their tree house. Where Tarzan was raised by gorillas.  You get the idea.

And since we lost our entire backyard in the freeze of 2010 {yes, true story}, we are now replanting & replanting some more.  We had the freeze in January of 2010.  We spent that spring, hoping for it all to come back to life.  Everything in the front yard came back.  Lost 2 trees & an entire hedge along our back wall in the backyard.  So we spent the fall pulling it out, winter looking at the barrenness of our backyard & we are planting.  All over again.

And this tree was first on the list.

I took a lot of pictures of it while we ate our lunch under it {see? We really planned for an adventure that day!} so I could be sure I could find out exactly what it was.

Fast forward 1 week & I am the Depot.  And guess what catches my eye?  A little whipper snapper of a tree that looks just like the ones from the preserve!  I checked my pictures.  I double checked online.  We had a match.

Lucky for Scot I did not leave with it that particular day.

I waited like 3 days, until we landed on a Saturday where there were no soccer games & I was sick {shocker} to let him know that was on his 'honey do' list.

He was less than thrilled.

But I know two people who were beyond thrilled...
and were more than willing to change their outfits 5 times until they found the perfect 'tree planting ensemble.'   Don't worry the pink gloves in this picture did not make the final cut in Scoobs' ensemble.  He traded them out for actual mittens.  My black ones to be exact.

And while I am not sure either of them was very 'helpful' they have both taken great pride in their little tree.  Watering. Fertilizing & trying with all their might to not terrorize it & yank leaves off of it.

1 tree down.
1 more to go.
as well as an entire hedge...
thank you freeze of 2010.

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