Monday, April 16, 2012

8 years.

Today was the day we said, 'I do'...8 years ago.
I feel like it was yesterday & yet we have 3 kids to show for it among a million other things.
If I weren't so tired, perhaps I'd elaborate.
In my mind, I'm still that same 21, almost 22 year-old girl. 
And yet, I'm obviously not.

Does that happen to you?

I notice it most when I am with people that are close to that 20-something age & when I realize they know Paula Abdul from American Idol and not Straight Up Now Tell Me...I get a little freaked out.

Anyway, in celebration...since a 2 week old does not lend itself well to extravagance, I thought I'd at least do something for you.

So the first 3 comments, get this print for free.
 I originally made this for Valentine's Day, but it has yet to be taken down.
It's a good reminder & I like it.

 Leave a comment & I'll send you the file.
Simple as that.


White Picket Frames said...

Happy 8 years!! Let us take the kiddos one night this week so you can go to dinner! Im serious!!

rach. said...

happy 8 years and happy almost 30th birthday. i told susan to warm up her freestyle.

Melanie said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are still young! Seriously, take it from me! I've still got a few years on you (and I guess I always will)!

Natty by Design said...

Congrats, Amy!

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