Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Children's Artwork: Let Her Sleep

This was the last design I finished up prior to numero tres joining us.  As with most designs, I'd had this thought running through my head for a couple days {thank you pinterest} and then I sit to put it to paper.  I kept thinking about the Lady & how she would react to this new little baby, in conjunction with the strength of her little spirit & this just about sums it up.  She is the 'strongest' of my three & I have no doubt she will move mountains.  I'm excited to see just how it unfolds for her & just what mountains she moves.

This print is sized for 12x18 which is a bit of a departure from my normal sizes & I have yet to determine if this is the size it will stay -- it all depends on my framing options.  Can I readily find a cute 12x18 frame?  If so, I will keep it this size because then it will allow me to print it on pearl paper -- double sided.  So my thought is to have a different design on the back, allowing me to switch them around on a whim.

What do you think about that?

Look for it in the shop soon.  Once I make sure good frames are readily available I will get proofs ordered so you can see it all printed & pretty.  I kinda can't wait...

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