Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter & Such

Easter happened 3 weeks ago, I realize, but Mr.M was only 1 week old & I just uploaded the pics that I snapped POST church.  Not fresh.  Not clean.  But taken...and heck, they are both looking, so that is a win. 

Like I said, in my last post, we've been going gang busters.  The weekend before Easter, I had Mr.M.  Easter weekend, found my oldest brother in the hospital for 3 or 4 days with a really bizarre & scary virus.  No worries now, all is well, but the weekend felt a bit heavy.  Oddly enough, I was originally scheduled to have Mr.M over Easter...good thing we got him a bit early so my parents could spend 2 weekends in the hospital.  Anyway, his blood platelets were extremely low & until they could rule out cancer, we were all a bit more than anxious.  Which we demonstrated in our usual way, by being sarcastic & making jokes about a not-funny situation & thus keeping our emotions just under the surface until we knew all was well.  They put him on some steroids & everything worked itself out...we just thought he should come home looking like a cast member of Jersey Shore with the amount of steroids he was on.  No luck there, though.  Sorry Jules.

Between having a new baby, an older brother in the hospital & a younger brother ready to head out to Russia for 2 years, I've found myself a bit more reflective & thus, I tend to leave this spot for a bit until my thoughts are sorted.

All that being said, my thoughts still aren't sorted, but I'm ready to write again.  You'll probably have less design over the next month and more sap as May is jam packed...I mean jammed, with all sorts of frivolity & celebration.  Every single weekend has multiple things scheduled.  Don't believe me?  This coming week includes all of the following:  The Lady's birthday, Fathers & Sons campout, Scot's graduation {just walking, he still has 3 more weeks of school} & it is Mr.M's baby blessing at church.

Oh & did I mention Easter was also my sister's birthday?  She's the greatest & I can't wait to showcase some of her best work yet involving the latest, the greatest, the cutest Mr. M.

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