Monday, April 23, 2012

Life According to my iPhone

In case you were wondering.  I'm still alive.  Barley.
Actually I feel like we've been going gang busters {probably because we have} and so something had to give & this was it.  But no worries, more things are starting to give as well so that I can enjoy this baby a bit more.  Speaking of which, he's a pure delight.

even upside down.  Sorry peeps...not even bothering to edit this one tonight.  

So here it according to my iPhone:

With Kevin leaving on his mission soon {tear!} my mother, lovingly, scheduled family pictures 3 weeks post baby.  You would think with my sister being a photographer we'd have big family pictures in spades.  However, the last one was taken 6 years ago...and so, now my 3 week postpartum body will be immortalized for the next 6 years.  That being said, it could be that picture 6 years ago, my sister was about 3 weeks postpartum & my SIL was 8 months pregnant.  What can I say, we can time it right?  This time we managed to hit the one weekend in April where it was 100 degrees.  But they turned out cute & we managed somehow not to have it be too annoying.  And Scoobs?  He was the most handsome I've ever seen him.  Can't wait to show you.   

Been crazy with graduation announcements.
Really crazy.  So crazy I am taking the month of May off.

So I can spend more time with these crazies.

and so the crazies can spend more time with him:

He's home from school for good before the mission & this is what my house looks like when he is here.  Even the Lady is all about giving him the 'beat down.'  Don't worry she remains lady-like & is always the first to cry. 

When wrestling isn't an option, we head outside.  She is getting pretty good on the trike.  She can even pedal & ring her bell at the same time.  

With temps hitting 100, the pool was officially opened.  Again, bathing suit 3 weeks bueno.  But tired kids?  yes, please.
Sundays we head up to my moms, so I don't have to cook dinner...I wonder how long I can keep this up for?  My dad makes his Sunday cookies & come to find out, Scoobs is an excellent egg-cracker.  Also come to find out, he's been making these most every week & then texting Kevin's friends who are still in town & they come chow down.  Funny part?  Kevin's usually not there.  This Sunday though?  The whole gang was back from school...good times seeing all of them again.

And me?  Just picture me feeding a baby in between & whilst this is all going on.

Kid can eat I tell ya.

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