Monday, April 9, 2012

We Might Just Call Him...


Really.  He is fat.  I am used to bringing home 7 1/2 pound babies that are swimming in their little onsies...not this guy.  He fills them out just fine.  

And he has the eating habits to prove it.  When I brought him home from the hospital he would nurse completely & then still finish off a 2 oz bottle.  It was a little insane & time consuming, but I think we have the formula days behind us.  

Although, as you can imagine, that means, I am feeding him what feels like every 5 minutes.  Good side: I get to eat whatever I want to sustain his life.  Bad side: I'm feeding him every 5 minutes.

I am hoping that what you always hear about fat babies turns out to be true & he starts sleeping like a, tonight.

But until then, we are doing great as a family of 5.  

This recovery has by far been my fastest & easiest & for that I am grateful...because there are 2 other little mouths that need feeding & kissing.


Farrah said...

He is so so cute! I just love the cubby ones!

Natalie said...

what a doll! i love fat babies! you look great amy...but i can see your exhaustion in your eyes, bless your heart. keep up your good work...its all worth it!

Ali said...

My first thought was he looks like a chubby version of Zack! :) He is adorable!

Amberly said...

oh my heck, he is cute. do you just sit and kiss him all day long?! I need to squish him sometime soon. and yes, he totally looks like Z.

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