Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pinterest at Work.

We've spent more hours home the last month than I can possibly remember.
Life with a newborn.

And so, I started looking at my Pinterest board of 'things I should do.'

It is mostly full of things I should do with my kids, or around the house.  This & that.

And it is where I discovered this little gem.

Homemade 'paint' for your concrete.
2TB cornstarch
2TB water
5 drops of food coloring

I mixed mine in some jars I had laying around & it kept these 3 busy for a good hour on a warm day.  They painted the patio, their slides, rocks, leaves, you name it.

My kids could hardly believe I was really telling them to paint on the ground.

When it dries it turns to a chalky paste & just brushes right off after an hour or so.  They got it on their clothes as well & it came right off.

Pretty sure I will do this one again.

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