Saturday, August 11, 2012

Filled to the Brim.

Today found Scoobs & I at a baptism.  If your Mormon and you so choose, the very soonest you can get baptized is when you are 8.  Our neighbor's son just turned 8 & today was his special day.  All the previous baptisms Scoobs has been to have been his older cousins.  He was glad to go today, mostly so he could see his friend & be silly.  Not conducive baptism behavior, but he's 5 so we'll give him a break.

I arrived about 10 minutes early & I'm not sure what I expected to find.  I knew their was family coming, but wasn't sure who else.  But as I sat in the chapel, neighbor after neighbor began to filter in.  As I looked around I realized just how blessed I am to live surrounded by such love & support.

As more & more friends came through the door I was physically overwhelmed at the unity that was felt.  I tried to recall my nieces' baptisms.  Did all their neighbors show up?  It is hard for me to remember, as my family is a crew in & of itself {21 of us to date}.  I remember a few close friends coming, but nothing like what showed up today.

We literally filled the entire Primary room for one little boy.  And while there were moments of restless children, there were also moments of pure joy. 

I remember when my brother was growing up & there was always this posse of boys with him.  It ebbed & flowed through the years, but fundamentally stayed the same.  Fast forward 15 years & my parent's ward currently has 28 missionaries out right now.  28!!!  That is nuts.  My ward?  I think we have 2 with one more on the way. 

On my street right this moment there are 32 kids 12 and under...with 1 on the way.  Yes.  I counted.  And that is just on my itty bitty street!  The neighborhood as a whole would blow your mind with the kid count.  Come fall when the weather is nice they are like rodents darting in & out of the street.  And I love it.

And today it was all wrapped up with a bow as I sat in that chapel.  I looked around & thought there is no where I'd rather be.

Except when Scoobs started wrestling with his friend post-baptism.

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White Picket Frames said...

Im just catching up on your blog! After a month of craziness, I finally have a minute to sit! It still brings tears to my eyes to think how many people were there and how supported and loved we felt. I was talking to my mom about it and how you can create family wherever you go. Im so grateful for my family of neighbors. Honestly, life as a mom with young kiddos is hard sometimes, but nothing makes a day easier than a good friend. Nothing brings more joy to a Mom than seeing the incredible friends and families that surround her kiddos. What a great day! What great neighbors and family:) Sure love ya!

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