Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mothering Moments.

I know this might come as a shock, but these two might actually like each other.  Just in time for school to start.  dang.

A couple days back the Lady was invited to her very first attend-all-alone friend birthday party.  It was a pink fancy party & she was delighted to get dolled up.  We curled her hair.  We put on lip gloss...okay & even a swish of mascara.  I couldn't help myself.  She found every necklace, every bracelet, her purse, her dress-up shoes...and oh yes, her sunglasses.  She was rocking it.

The entire time she was getting dolled up all she could say was, "I go to Haddy's by myself.  No Scoobs. No Mommy.  You go home, okay?"  After the 10th time, I think I got it.

Scoobs was a little dejected to be left in the dust.  He could hardly believe he wasn't the one heading out for fun.  As we walked her over to the party though he commented, "She is the most beautiful girl I know.  She's so cute I could explode."

What?  Was that real?  Those comments made him the most handsome boy I know.

Fast forward a day & I am enduring a Barbie Princess movie with the Lady.  The prince makes his grand entrance & I swooned, "oh the handsome prince!" Her reply? "So handsome, just like Scoobs."

Who are these people & what have they done with my children?

Whatever has come over them, I hope it never goes away.

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