Friday, August 3, 2012

Post Vacay Let Down

Does this happen to you? You find yourself at the end of your vacation ready to come home. Ready to fall into your own bed. Ready to wash all the clothes covered in memories. Ready to have breakfast at your own table...and ready to cook in your own kitchen.

And then you get home.

And realize you'd rather be on vacation. Suddenly the kids are fighting. The floors are still sticky from before you left. The laundry is never ending and the cooking...why do they want to eat every night?

Me too.

And it makes me grouchy.

School is just around the corner though and I'm not ready for that either.

I better get my act together and quickly!

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Amberly said...

the only thing worse than post vacay funk is not having a vacay at all. love the baby to pieces. don't love the over-protectiveness that dad exudes that keeps us home until baby is 16. working on not being bitter... so remember the good times while you mop floors and fold laundry!

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