Thursday, June 10, 2010

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

tonight i learned a few things i want to remember...

and they come from a myriad of things that have been going on this week...

first, i have been reading this blog. grab a snack & settle in. tara's family lives down the road from my family. our mom's quilt together & our dad's served as bishops together {her dad is still serving}. we have so much in common & yet i've never met her {probably because i have a few years on her!}. i am completely intrigued by her current trial...and i realize intrigue is the absolute wrong word, because really my heart breaks. absolutely breaks. what i find intriguing is that the story unfolds so similarly as it would had the trial happened within my family. not to say we'd handle it with an ounce of the grace she has, but the friends, the neighbors, the doctors...they are all the same people my family would have turned to & yet there she sits & here i sit. it is a weird sensation of being so far removed & yet hitting so close to home. it makes me realize just how fragile life is & i am so very impressed by her faith & strength & pray bold prayers on her behalf.

second, i have to speak in church on i have lots of thoughts there. i have to speak about helping our children develop a relationship with the savior.

third, i just got back from a young women's activity in which we had my brother & his cute friends come down to hang out with our laurels. it was so so so fun. in fact i may have had more fun than anyone else. sand volleyball is fun. really fun. so fun, hubster & i are playing again on saturday...wanna come?

all that being said, i am realizing how truly paramount my words, deeds & actions are in my children's lives. do i build them up? do i lift their confidence? do i help them feel the spirit in their lives? do i support their independence? do they know they can accomplish greatness? do i validate their thoughts & ideas? the list goes on & on. and while i realize my children are young, i hope they understand who exactly they are. they are a son & daughter of the Most High. and once that is fully comprehended who are we to limit ourselves?


Amberly said...

it has been weird for me to observe this shlappi situation as we are in the ward, but haven't known this sweet family for long. her optimism is unbelievable.

we have to speak in church sunday as well. will you please send me a copy of your talk when you're done so I can use it?! my thoughts are coming together slowly, but finally.

Dallas and Krista said...

Amen. Check out Pres Monsons message for the June Ensign. He shares some incredible thoughts about how we can become great once we accept and understand that we are sons and daughters created after the image of a living God. Might be able to use it in your talk :) Hope I'm there! Or maybe not?

Melanie said...

What a talk!. My kids were actually quiet during 3 or 4 minutes of it, and what I was able to hear was great! Bet you're glad it's over!

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