Thursday, June 10, 2010


my buddy & the lady playing while i cleaned the porch

This week summer has hit. And by hit, I mean really fully hit. Sure we've been teetering around 100 degrees for the last month, but by teetering I mean, 95 for the high & days in a row where we still stay in the 80s. That is not summer. That is beautiful.

This week? Oh 100 degrees has come and gone, & kept going. Do I have 100? 105? 110? Yes. Yes sir indeed.

And it is gross.

And for whatever reason I somehow forgot how truly hot summer is here.

I forgot the film of sweat that is constantly between you & your clothes. I forgot how great short hair is in the summer as your neck is totally free & cool. I forgot the feeling of avoiding all excursions after 1pm...because it is blazing by that point.

How could I forget? It comes every year & unless I am sitting in a pool I hate it.

And hence, I love having in-laws that live in San Diego.

So until we can escape picture us in the pool, in the hose or hunkered down by a fan, because it is hot!

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