Monday, June 7, 2010

going goo goo for goggles.

In case you were wondering who the weird kid is with goggles on all the time? He's mine.

The 'school is out' neighborhood slip & slide. This time it actually made good sense. There was soap on the slip & slide, and we didn't have any tears, until the big kids came down behind him & nailed him...3 times in one slide. it was awesome {the party that is} & is one more reason I love where I live.

the splash pad. and let's be honest, when you see a kid in goggles at that splash pad you think they are a wimps. i tried to convince him to not wear them, but as you can see, he was not having it. but at least his ensemble matches so nicely.
yard work/birdwatching. i didn't even try to convince him otherwise. at this point, i have embraced the goggles & wonder in how many instances i can get a picture of him wearing them?
and when dinner time rolls around, they are a necessity there too, as well as the car, the bath and of course, the pool!

Please don't shove him completely into the dork category, although I understand, he is kind of shoving himself.

One day he will kill me for posting these, until then, let's just laugh together behind his back, while we tell him to his face, that he looks awesome.

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