Thursday, June 17, 2010

Justin Bieber.

What is the deal with this guy?

Are you a fan? And if so, you might want to google his 'world premier video' featuring Usher that was on SYTYCD tonight.

gag me.

A few words of advice from me to him, Justin Bieber.

- Put away the watermelon lip smackers & just go with your natural lips.

- Embrace your boyishness, it is your best quality. But when you dress gangsta thug, it ruins it all.

- Stop 'overselling' yourself...and by that I mean, see above, embrace your boyishness. To perform with Usher, does not mean you have to be like Usher. That is the beauty of it.

- Don't have a 'world premiere' for a video that is dumb. And by dumb, I mean, if it has fake fire in the background and people dancing behind you with their hands like they did in the Brady Bunch movies.

- And lastly, do not under any circumstance dance next to Usher, in fact, don't dance at all. You are a white pretty boy, Usher is frankly, legit.

Seriously, if you haven't watched it now.

I would do it for you, but it is late & I am tired.

Watching him next to Usher was


Amberly said...

holy smokes, you need to live next door. denten's opinions on justin "beaver" are quite similar. honesly. he's popular now, but what happens when his voice finally changes?? and usher? well, he's nice to watch dance, isn't he?! yes. yes he is.

The Bates said...

Haha oh that was some good viewing thanks for reccomending that. What was with the guys/girls dressed in the fire suits? They looked like oompaloompa's! I could not stop laughing!

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