Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On Walking.

The Lady is a full-fledged walker. And while I do not hide the fact that I was looking forward to this day with anticipated glee, I have to say it finds me a bit mournful.

All of a sudden {well we all know not really} she is growed up! And yes, I know growed isn't grammatically correct, but whatevs.

She no longer wants to be held 14 hours a day {which my neck & back thank her for}, nor do I need to be within reach or even eyesight for that matter.

She is off.

And for whatever reason, having her walking signifies to me that we survived her babyhood, which again, I was okay with pushing the fast forward on that, but now I want to go back & survive it all again. And, trust me, I haven't forgotten yet how tiring, emotionally draining & difficult it all was...instead I remember how uncomfortable she was & want to go back & fix it quicker & love her through it all over again.

And isn't that always the case? Hindsight is always 20/20. I wish I would have gotten her to the doctor sooner. Changed her to formula sooner. And not just waited for things to 'work themselves out.'

I am sure there will be more 'things' to love her through, but she has gained some serious independence. Even in the pool, she will not be confined to a tube or let you hold her hand. Instead she bops along & falls under the water 637 times in 2 hours, which confines me to always being with 6 inches of her. I think it is safe to say we have 2 dare devils on our hands...full of confidence & dose of strong will.

She is an absolute doll walking.

Really. She is so miniature & just bopping along.


Please stop growing now. You are too fun. too cute. too independent. and I am enjoying you way too much right now.

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