Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Losing my Mind.

So I just realized I already told you all about the horribleness of summer...like 4 days ago. Seriously, totally forgot {how is that for a 'valley girl' sentence for you?}.

Anywho...onto The Bachelorette.

Or am I the only one who still enjoys this, ice cream in hand?

If you haven't tuned in this season you best be logging onto abc.com and catching yourself up.


like really.

Last night as I snuggled up...by myself...I was laughing out loud & covering my eyes to avoid watching embarrassing displays of...well I don't know of what. But I was embarrassed for them.

Kasey. Kasey. Kasey. I was so sad you stayed & yet overjoyed at the same time, because that means I get to watch your complete & utter awkwardness AGAIN next week.

Oh and the tattoo...can't wait until that comes out. After Ali asks for you to just be you & 'not over the top' that is a great way to win her heart & show her you are a complete lunatic...and you will now be forever the tattooed Bachelorette guy.

freaking awesome.

You thought that would be enough...but we haven't even scratched the surface...we still have weatherman & I think Roberto {bless his soul, he's so darn cute!} said it best when he said, 'as always, we have a high pressure system moving in.'

and the songs? could we have more songs?

Note to self...never, ever do that.

oh...it is good.

So good I told Scot all about it...but I still think I will be sitting by myself next week.

Unless you care to join?


Chante said...

Okay, I totally had to cover my face in embarrassment when Casey pulled out the singing, twice! What was he thinking? And all the lines? If I were Ali he would have been gone and not given another chance. I haven't liked him from the beginning. He sounds like he is talking through his throat and it drives me CRAZY! Just that alone....but the singing..seriously? Anyways, wish you were my neighbor and we could sit in our pj's watching this crazy addicting show together....

Kara Pothier said...

If only I lived closer. I would sit by you every Monday with ice cream in hand. Kasey is golden. You can't even cast that well if you tried.

Steve on the other hand is constantly rolling his eyes. I think I will dis-invite him next week. He doesn't deserve the goodness that the show has to offer!

Amberly said...

alas, there is no ice cream in my hand, which leaves me two free hands to either throw up in the air, or cover my eyes! dent usually joins me on the hilarious adventure, but he was gone this week. so sad.

The Bates said...

Love, love, love this season. It has never been funnier. Oh my gosh Kasey is crazy, oh and how can she even keep him around with that kermit the frog voice. I find myself constantly clearing my throat for him. "Earlier, when we were on the airplane, I looked over and thought you were the prettiest thing I've ever seen..Ooohhh!" Hahah GAG! Can't to watch it tonight ;)

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