Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Black-Eyed Beauty.

I know you've all been on the edge of your seats for this...the story behind the black eye & all my dramatics.

Let me tell you The Lady's black eye does not disappoint. This picture is day 2 & it is still going fact, the bruising has really set in now. Making her entire right eye & cheek area a nice yellow, purple color, while the scab dangles precariously. It is are the stares I get in Target.

As for the fall, the truth is, I didn't see it. I just heard the cry & then Scot shouting, "no! no! no!" Which still makes us laugh out loud {yeah, he can laugh at himself & his freak out ways}. I do know that the fall involved a small-ish slide that she was climbing on & some concrete curbing. Which really is only something she could manage to pull off. I do not know how far she fell or how she fell. My sis-in-law tells me she saw the end of the fall & it looked like she fell while she was climbing up the stairs. There were 2 party girls {remember it happened @ Scoobs' bday} trying to climb up it as well & she probably just got jostled around & down she went.

And while I joke & make light, it was quite a sad sight & I am sure it hurt like the dickens. Today she tripped at the library & fell smack on this same bruise & she was not happy about it. And again, I got some really great stare downs. Go me 'Mother of the Year.' I am sure her eye is nice & tender & it broke my heart to walk into her room the next morning & see it all black & blue. But then I dressed her up for church & thought if anyone could pull off a black eye in Sunday's her. She looked so darn cute!

For now, I guess we will chock this up to one more injury she has sustained in her short, less-than-two-years life span. She is on a roll & frankly gives me heart attacks on a regular basis. Today while at my sister's she about got another injury from stepping on a dvd case & having it slip out from under her like a banana peel in a cartoon. Luckily she caught herself from whacking her head on the stone floor, but my sister & I just looked at each other & laughed. Like really? Injury from dvd case? Only the Lady.

It is amazing to me the amount of damage she can do while esstentially doing nothing, while her brother who really is crazy hardly suffers a scratch. Seriously, thus far, a scratch is his worst injury to date, while he flips on the trampoline & tears around on skateboards, razors & now his training-wheel-free bike. The Lady on the other hand, has managed a skull fracture & a nasty black eye in half the time, with none of the pizazz. It is one thing to say, 'yeah, she got this black eye by trying to ride her razor down the slide at the park {which scoobs really did try at her age}...can you believe that?' Instead, her injuries usually just happen to happen without any cool story.

So I guess we disappoint on the story front, but not on the injury front with her. And with Scoobs, you get the story & no injury.

Guess you can't have your cake & eat it too.

Get well soon my black-eyed beauty. And please be careful doing whatever it is you do. We love your guts.

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Nicole said...

I'm thinking a permanent helmet might be in order for her???
Thanks so much for the fun time last week. It was so good to see you and your darling kids! By the way- the party looked awesome!

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