Monday, March 14, 2011

Basketball Update.

I have not wanted to post this because I feel like it might come with some judgment, but that has never stopped me in the past, so here goes.

I agonized over Scoobs & the basketball team.  On one hand, I was happy for him to have an opportunity to be tempered.  To struggle.  To feel out of sorts.  To have a little bit of failure.  Which sounds horrible as a mother.  But we all know those are the experiences that make us who we are & I did not want to completely shelter him from 'real life.'  Part of me was willing {tough as it may be} to stand on the sidelines & watch.

But then my heart broke as I thought about the 10 boys in the neighborhood playing t-ball together.  Playing at practices & games weekly.  Forging friendships & learning together.  I could have kicked myself for not convincing him to play t-ball instead.  It would not of been a tough sale.  And truthfully, it was me that wasn't for t-ball initially.  I mean, who wants to sit outside & watch t-ball in 90 degrees??  {Yes, it will be 90 degrees this week}. 

Back & forth.  Back & forth I thought to think up a suitable solution.

What it boiled down to, was I wish he was experiencing the fun of t-ball with his friends & not the hardships of basketball by himself.  I know for a fact, he will have to have the 'size' struggle in sports one day...assuming he doesn't start growing at a giant pace that is.  But he doesn't need to have it at 4.

Initially I was torn up about letting him 'quit' the basketball team.  I mean, who wants a quitter?  Then I realized, that I was making this a bigger deal than need be.  It was okay for me to change my mind.  It was okay for me to go down one path & realize I wanted another one instead.

So I called the basketball team.  Pulled him from the league & got my money back even.  Then I called the t-ball team & signed him up.


And scoobs?  He's tickled pink to be playing t-ball with is friends & shooting nerf baskets in the laundry room.


Even better...I called my mom to tell her what I did & she literally breathed a sigh of relief & said she'd been up thinking about it. 

And I have more thoughts on this that came yesterday while I was sitting in Sunday School, but they will have to wait...Scoobs is begging to beat me in Wii b-ball.


Jessie said...

I think that was a good decision! And really, if you and your little boy feel good about it, that's all that matters. I'm always told that I shouldn't ever feel like I have to explain myself, and I like that advice.

ps. I'm Jessie, i've been reading your blog for a little bit. I'm friends with Natalie Perry and she sent me the link to your blog a while back cause she thought I would enjoy it. And I do. Thought I would say hello.

Erin said...

Good for you! Mom's always know best for their kiddos!

Ashlee said...

Good job momma~

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