Monday, April 25, 2011

Recipe: Sugar Water

I've been telling my friends I would post this recipe for Sugar Water for about 3 months now.  My apologies, but I actually lost the little scrap of paper I had written it on & last week it turned I made it for Easter dinner.

Sorry I didn't have the recipe up in time for you to use it for Easter as well.

Perfect for any summer party --

Sugar Water

1 gallon water
2 C sugar
1/2 heaping TB of citric acid {you can find this at Sprout's}
1/2 scant TB of Lemon Extract

This is better than any flavored water in my opinion...I can guzzle it by the cupfuls & there is no weird aftertaste.  delish.


Anonymous said...

Yep. It is the best! Thanks Nat for the fab recipe! But Ams you forgot the Sonic ice. That is the best part!

Natalie said...

Credit given where?????

just kidding. yes this is the best ever!

don't forget the sonic ice.

btw, the recipe name isn't sugar water. its LEMON WATER, you goose!

Amy @ Ink'd said...

HA! Thanks Nat! To be honest I didn't even know it started as yours! hehe! Plus, as I was posting I kept thinking...don't forget the Sonic Ice...don't forget the Sonic Ice.

um yep. I forgot it on here!

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