Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Making an Impression.

Over the course of the last few years doing invite after invite, announcement after announcement I've formed a few opinions {okay a lot} & some tricks too.

My first thought is that if you are going to take the time to mail invitations or announcements {instead of the ever popular evite} then spend just a little time on the envelope.  It is the first impression of your event!  Receiving something in the mail {that is not a bill} is akin to receiving a gift.  And as Martha always says, presentation is 50%.  So take the time to package it beautifully.  Trust me.  It will be much appreciated on the receiving end.  And your event will probably be well attended as guests begin to get excited with just the invite.

So beginning with the return address...nowadays you can find a million different stamps that are made just for you, with your name, your address & best of all cute.  I invested in one a couple years ago & it saves my life every Christmas.  And now...I want a new one!

I found this one on etsy & love the typeset of it. 

go here for more like this

If you didn't want to buy the stamp, this is something you could create with basic Word skills & print on the front side of the envelope.

Another thing I love is when the return address matches the design of the invite.  It makes the package cohesive & gives the receiver a taste of what is inside.  Here are a few, that I had professionally printed, but again could be adapted & made on your own.

This last one, was a postcard for the RSVP, but you can see how it could easily find its way to the top left corner of an envelope.

A few more to get your noodles going...

This is another stamp & I can't find the source!  I found it using Pinterest.

Love the placement of this return address!
go here to see more


The font on the last one is Black Jack Regular.  It is a great font & again, you can adapt it & print it from your own computer...but after doing that for one event, you'll quickly realize how handy that stamp becomes!


Natalie said...

this makes me want to jump inside your head for awhile and steal all your 'know-how' for this kind of stuff. you are truly talented. i REALLY wish i could do this!

i'm so glad you have done well with your talent! be thinking of something cute for me for christmas this year! and possibly a cute baby announcement if i can get linds out here to capture a pic of the new babe!

Ali said...

yes, I need to get myself a stamp. So cute.

Saw this today and thought of you. Not that it has anything to do with you, but it's a cool invite idea:)

Amy said...

Ali those invites are amazing!!! So cute! Her whole site is darling!!! Thanks for sending over.

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