Friday, November 25, 2011

Ombre Inspiration

I guest posted for my friend {who is pregnant as well} last may have heard of her: Natty By Design. In case you missed it there read on to see how her desk inspired some baby shower invites...

I am happy to be blogging for Natalie today.  We are actually friends in real life and live just down the street from each other.  Believe it or not, she is more lovely in person than on her blog.  I wish she lived next door instead of 2 blocks down.  Really.  It would be dreamy.

When I ran into her at Home Depot last week {I was actually the one buying paint!} & heard she was sick as a dog I could absolutely relate...we will have babies that are what...5 weeks apart?  Something like that.  I am happy to say I am out of the throw up all day, lay in bed all day phase.  phew.

So I love to read Nat's blog.  Love it.  And if you are anything like me when you saw her pink ombre desk you immediately rushed around your house looking to find the perfect spot for such a pretty little number.

The real problem was when I began debating if I could just put it in my entry way, because my son & daughter share a room & because why waste it on them.  Everyone should see it, right?

Soo, I naturally did what I usually do when I see something I love, but can't quite have it.

I translate it to paper.

I have this itty bitty blog where I do invites.  Invites & announcements of all sorts.  And just the day prior a client called needing a baby shower invite for a girl.  perfect.  I had just the idea.

So, Nat's pink ombre desk on paper.



All invites & announcements are professionally printed & these were printed on a pearl paper, which it is safe to say I love.

Thanks Nat for making this invite design so very easy for me!

And to the woman in Atlanta with the pink ombre desk...we're all jealous.


Joya said...

Great design! Stunning post dude, thanks for the share......

Baby shower invitations

Natalie said...

i wish is was this inspiring "natalie' you were talking about....but unfortunately i know better!

hey, did you get my pics i sent you? not sure which email address i sent it to. you have more than one, yes?

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