Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

The good news is, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  The bad news is, I forgot my camera {lame!}.  So all pictures were taken on my iPhone. 

My mom always does a bang up job for Thanksgiving.  We divy up the meal between her, myself, my sister Lindsey & sister-in-law Julie.  I usually spend most of Wednesday baking in the hopes of having a 'relaxing' Thanksgiving.  I am happy to report, it actually worked this year.

Unfortunately, Scot woke up Thanksgiving morning not feeling well, which was not part of my plan & which I was not very sympathetic to.  I mean, didn't he realize I had baked all day Wednesday to have a relaxing day Thursday?  He powered through Thanksgiving, managed the kids on Black Friday & on Saturday hiked the family hike with the Lady in tow ie on his shoulders.

Then on Sunday, I woke up sick & was in bed all day with the aches & chills.  oops.  Guess I should have been a little nicer.

But back to Thanksgiving.  My mom had the brilliant idea of having a bounce house for the 11 kids.  I thought I'd be nice & take care of all those arrangements...I mean how hard could that be?  Well, 76 calls later, the bounce house finally showed up Wednesday night at 8pm.  And not the one we ordered!  But all was well & all 11 kids thoroughly enjoyed & wore themselves flat out.

Even Nana had to try it out
And you should know pregnancy & bounce houses don't mix well.  I was in there just long enough to take a picture & feel dizzy.
The kids table.  This year I think the kids were sitting there waiting for 'dinner' for 20 minutes.  Safe to say there were hungry after all that bouncing.
Saturday's hike.  The Lady walked exactly 21 feet & by this point, she is asleep.
And why no picture of Scoobs?  I didn't see him the whole time.  He was at the front with his cousins & we were at the back.  But I did catch up to him long enough to see him stung by a bee.  Glad it was him, as his tears only lasted 5 minutes & then he was off throwing rocks & doing other boy things that didn't accommodate bee stings.

As for Black Friday, I have no photographic proof of our escapades...but you should know I went from 11:30 pm to 10:30 am and it was not in vain.  I am 95% done with all shopping & it feels delightful.

Onto Christmas!

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