Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Parading: Houndstooth

Every year there seems to be a pattern I am itching to get on a card.  This year, it was hounds tooth.  Not sure why, but I wanted it everywhere & managed to get it on two different client's cards, that I knew wouldn't overlap in their mailing lists.

The first one, was a double-sided square on pearl with rounded corners.  She mailed these in the brown kraft paper envelopes, which really put it over-the-top.

 The second one, was a folded 5x7 on linen paper & both were at the top of my favorite list this year.

Tomorrow?  My favorite photo shoot of the season.  Really.  I wanted to cry when I saw it only because I wished it were my idea & my pictures.
Next year, when I'm not pregnant, right?

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