Monday, January 30, 2012

Give Me Your Best...

Potty training techniques.

Really I am desperately in need.  You see, I have this little Lady who, as you well know, likes to give me a run for my money.  Just when I think I've got her figured out, she kicks & flails herself into a new phase. 

Her current phase?  Wetting her pants...among other things.  She has been 'potty trained' for 9 months with the exception of naps & bedtime.  And yet now, 10 weeks before a new baby, she is so very NOT potty trained.  Her wetting & other things got so bad, she is now back in a diaper, which I know was probably my worst mistake, but she was having so many accidents & in places she could not be having accidents, that I finally just gave up. 

kill me.  I am trying to shore up my patience into giving it another go, but let me remind you...she's a fiesty one.  And I'm so very tired of battling her potty woes.

So...whatcha got?!?  Something?  Please?  I'm begging.


Amberly said...

I used the ideas from for all of mine- nights included at the same time. I have the e-book if you want a copy- however it isn't brilliant information- throw away diapers and be consistent and on her for three days, lots of drinks, etc. I have not, however, dealt with regression. Liv knows how- it's not teaching potty training with her, it sounds more like figuring out how to make her want to do it again- that sounds better than trying to beat the stubborn out of her!

Rees Family said...

My oldest regressed after a year. I was beside myself. We finally figured out that she had a urinary tract infection. No other signs other than constantly wetting her pants. Just a thought. As for potty training, no advice. I had my mom do it. Good luck.

Ali said...

Paige has forgotten that she's potty trained a couple of times. Both times, I took her to the store to pick out her potty treats, then we put them in a jar in the bathroom and she can only have one after she goes. she is so motivated by sweets that this has worked great. When I was training her originally I had the oven timer set for every 45 minutes:( but it forced me to get her in there to go before she could have an accident. If it's that bad, I'd maybe start back at square one...
Hang in there!!

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