Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rocker Re-Cover.

So my second batch of monsters were made because my sewing machine was already out...working on this bad boy.

We inherited this rocker from a neighbor & it was not this shabby, but then The Lady took to it & you can see the damage she did in time out one day.  It was destined to be re-covered anyway, but I was just waiting around until I was pregnant again & knew the gender...both of which happened sooner than I anticipated!  I was glad to get this eye sore out of the Lady's room & into a nursery...with a bit of a facelift in between.

Now, you know I mentioned in my monster post that I did not use a pattern.  Well, much to my mother's chagrin, I again, did not use a pattern or too much fore thought, but instead, used my tried & true method which is: wing it.  And then fix what you inevitably screw up.

So this is how I start.  Spread it out.  Think about it for 2 minutes & then start cutting.

I really just tried to allow myself enough for a seam allowance {of which I couldn't even tell you the measurement} and then I will also try to err on the side of 'too big' so I can take more out when I screw it up.

Happy to report, this seemed about the perfect amount.  What can I say?  My winging it method is getting better & better with each wing.

I sewed around all three sides of each of the cushions & then had to pin and hand sew the backsides {where the top & bottom cushions meet on the chair}.  In my first wing it, I tried to actually sew that seam with my sewing machine.  I broke a needle & had a really crooked & crappy stitch that I then had to un-pick & re-do.  Turns out it is really hard to sew something that already has the cushion in it...unless you have a 2 inch seam allowance, which was a no.  

My mom was really impressed with my handi-work & dare might I say, the speed with which I wing these little projects into existence.  Although she laughed really hard when I showed her my initial stitch on the back -- it was bad peeps.  I do not claim perfection & I did fix it, but this little diddy only took me an afternoon...which is all I am really willing to give.

The fabric was something I had on hand from a random night at Joanne's where I found it on clearance & bought the whole bolt...knowing it had a place somewhere in my house...Scot was less than thrilled with my thought process.  It took about 9 months before it found a home on this chair, but I kind of love it & now my husband realizes what I a genius I am.

As for the foot rocker -- that fabric came from another project & just required a staple gun.  My kind of re-covering.  And yes, I realize the stripe should probably go the opposite way, but I didn't have enough to do it that way...and now I kind of like it going the way it does.

The pillow?  A quick envelope cover out of 1930's reproduction prints & I am kind of obsessed with them & steal them from my mom on a regular basis.

oh and the pics?  Sorry, not the best quality...they are all from my phone.

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Amberly said...

while that machine is out... whip me up a monster or two! I'm completely impressed with your productivity these the last days!

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