Monday, August 13, 2012

Little Missy off to School?!?

Photo 1 of my photo challenge
This little Lady is headed off to school tomorrow.  She'll only be gone 2 short hours, but it is a milestone worth noting.  Over the last 2 months she has morphed from a pants wetting toddler into a dress-up wearing little girl & I have no idea how it happened.

Suddenly she requests princess music so she can dance & insists that I call her Princess Annaliese.  She is growing up these days has turned into a pure delight.  She is quick to help {most the time} and anxious to please...and again, I'm not sure how or when that happened.

She still sucks her thumb, which I know I need to break her of, but part of me loves it.  She talks with a lisp and when she says her full name her middle name comes out sounding like 'cat.'  Let me assure you, that is not her middle name, but it makes me laugh everytime.

She is every bit as coordinated as her brother, but doesn't give one whip about being the best or the fastest.  She was the 'best' swimmer in her swim lessons & is in a pool 4 times a week & yet she still can't swim.  She is too busy laughing & playing to care about breathing I suppose.

She will not be forced into anything.  Trust me, I've tried {see swimming}.  Instead, when she is ready, she will just do it.  Simple as that.  Remind me of that next time I throw her in the pool, okay?  {I know that sounds brutal...but she can do it...and we live in Arizona...swimming is essential to safety.} 

It is odd how this shift has happened.  Scoobs used to be my little buddy & now he is off to school & she has stepped right in.  Chattering away throughout the day, making sense of everything going on around her.  She has turned into a little mother for Mister Man.  Bringing him toys wherever we go & always willing to feed him, pick out his clothes & scold him for rolling over on top of her.

She is a riot.  And I can't believe preschool is here.  I can't wait for her.  She is going to love every bit.


Photo:  I had to take 60 pictures to get this one & her eyes are still out of focus. 

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